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Committed to protecting the environment

Pure Water Cleaning Services is committed to protecting the environment for our future generations. Within all services we provide, we ensure environmental awareness and protection is a priority.

We are proud to provide a variety of commercial and residential cleaning services and we are especially proud to provide environmentally Pure Water cleaned, rubbish-free street furniture. This aids in encouraging the public to use the bus services, ultimately decreasing car numbers and therefore reducing environmental pollution and reserving precious energy resources. Our Pure Water Cleaning Systems are also utilised throughout New Zealand for other vital infrastructure cleaning services.

Pure Water Cleaning Services will continue to ensure that all our staff are fully trained in environmental awareness and practices, as well as Emergency Spill Response actions.

Pure Water Cleaning Services will continue to research and update our work practices and equipment to ensure we are providing the best possible job in the most environmentally friendly way.

Pure Water Cleaning Services will adhere to the Resource Management Act (1991) and will comply with all Council’s regulations and guidelines.


Directors Mark and Jodie Power.

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