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Indion MB115 Ion Exchange Resin 25l bag

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Indion MB115 Ion Exchange Resin 25l bag

Indion MB115 is a Highly Purified mixed bed Ion Exchange Resin.

  • Designed for use in final polishing for production of ultra-pure water.

  • Particularly suited for Hard Water areas.

  • It can also be used in areas with soft or average water qualities

  • 25 Litres $290.00 Plus GST


Indion® Ion Exchange Mixed Bed (MB-115) De-Ionising Resin

Indion® Ion Exchange (MB-115) Mixed Bed De-Ionising Resin, the most effective de-ionising resin in the world.

Don't bother with distilled water - when used as a post-RO final filter, this resin media will produce water with a mineral TDS content of "0".

As sold to dental surgeries, aquarium owners, or anyone requiring de-ionised water.

Ion Exchange Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of Indion® brand Ion Exchange Resins. Indion® Ion Exchange is a premium brand with global recognition for being the best quality resin on the market.

The Indion® Division of Ion Exchange Ltd is equipped with a modern research facility with an industry leading manufacturing facility.

Common Uses

  • Window Cleaning (Streak Free)

  • Car Detailing (Spot Free Rinse)

  • Aquarium (Pure water 0 TDS for Fresh and Salt Water)


Storage and Safety Instructions

  • Store DI Resin in the shade and do not allow the resin to dry. Keep sealed at all times. Exposure to atmospheric air will cause the Resin to convert to a carbonate form. Keep below 60°C.

  • Acid and Alkali solutions are corrosive and should be handled carefully. Prevent contact with skin and eyes. If oxidizing agents are used, safety precautions should be observed.

DI Resin Technical Information:

  • Indion® MB-115 is a mixed bed ion exchange resin, composed of strong highly purified/super regenerated (40%) acid cation and (60%) base anion resins. Produces reliable results where the highest quality of pure water is required with minimum ionic and non-ionic contamination.

  • Particle Size: 0.3-1.2 millimeters

  • Chemical Stability: Stable in pH ranges from 0-14 and resistant to oxidizing and reducing agents.

  • Rinse Characteristics: Rinsed with ≥ 17.0 megaohm/cm water to meet stringent quality requirements for ultra purity.

  • Matrix: Crosslinked Polystyrene, Gel Type

  • Cation Resin (40%)

    • Functional Group: Sulphonic Acid

    • Total Exchange Capacity: 1.9 meq/ml

    • Ionic Conversion: 99% minimum in Cl form

    • Moisture Holding Capacity 48-58%

    • Thermal Stability: Up to 120°C

  • Anion Resin (60%)

    • Functional Group: Quarternery Ammonium

    • Total Exchange Capacity: 1.0 meq/ml

    • Ionic Conversion: 99% minimum in Cl form

    • Moisture Holding Capacity: 60%

    • Thermal Stability: Up to 60°C