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Sorbo Glide 473ml

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Sorbo Glide 473ml

Using Sorbo Glide provides less chance for the window to dry, reduces friction, reduces scratching and spreads water evenly over windows

Sorbo Glide 473ml – a drop makes the squeegee slide before the window dries

– Increase speed: less chance for the window to dry
– Reduce friction: increase life span of squeegee rubber
– Reduce chance of scratching: when used with razor blade
– Spreads water evenly over the window
– Not a cleaning product, it’s neutral and can be mixed with any cleaning solution
– Makes water lay down in sheets and reduces friction. It also slows down evaporation, which is ideal in warm, dry climates
– 75% inert ingredients, 25% Polyethylene Alkyl Glycol Ether

1) Add a teaspoon to 2 gallons of water
2) Wash window as normal and squeegee dry