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WATER FED WAVE 14'' 18''

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WATER FED WAVE 14'' 18''WATER FED WAVE 14'' 18''

The Wagtail water Fed Wave is a cleaning tool unlike anything else on the market.
The multi-jet channel produces an even flow of water, providing lubrication while simultaneously providing enhanced scrubbing power-driven by the high-quality microfiber washing pad that delivers better surface contact than traditional water fed brushes. The combination of a continuous flow of water with the microfiber pad increases the microfibers absorbency as well as the microfibers ability to pick up dirt and residue.

Clean faster and more effective with The Wave compared to all other water fed cleaning tools on the market. The wave is a multi-jet pivoting cleaning tool that combines an abrasive microfibre pad and double pivot action to more effectively and more easily clean from all heights and angles, all while being delightfully simple to use.

Wagtail’s Double Pivot technology sets a whole new standard for swivel head cleaning tools. The double-pivot combines our bona fide Pivot innovation with the added tilt and pan control, making it far more responsive. Whether you’re using it on a pole, by hand or cleaning hard to reach places, it will feel remarkably smooth and fast

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